I can infer that the egg is warm by the lake and the mother is near by because the mother could be in the lake swimming, or looking for food or new shelter.  

'' He stared at me, and I stared at him.''

I can infer that the bird might think that the little boy is his mother and the little boy is going to keep the bird like he is his mother.

''I took him home and fed him. What ever I did, Goose did. When I sat down, Goose sat down. When I ate at the table, Goose ate at the table too.''

I can infer that the goose is looking at the boy as a mother so he thinks of him as a role model or either the goose is just copycatting the boy.

"Then i found a duck egg. A duckling hatched and saw Goose. Goose stared at the duckling and Goose became his mother.''

I can infer that when the goose saw the egg, the goose thought it was the mother.

''Whatever i did, Goose did. Whatever Goose did, Duck did. When I sat down, Goose sat down. Duck sat down too.''

I an infer that the goose think the little boy is his mother. Then the duck thinks goose is its mother. So when the boy does something the duck and the goose does the same thing.

'' Suddenly Goose knew who he was. He flapped his wings and joined the geese.''

I can infer that the goose maybe heared his family or friends calling his name or something and he knew that is where he belonged so he flew away with the rest of the geese.

''The next day Duck stared up into the sky. Ducks were quacking and flying south. Suddenly duck knew who he was too.''

I can infer that the duck recognized a quack maybe his mother or father and he knew that, that was his family so he flew away just like the goose did.  

Inferences Of Goose and Duck

" I found an egg by he lake."

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