African Slavery: Cape Coast

I am an African slave and was taken from my home and forced into slavery with many others like me. We walk in a line bound together by the wrist, ankle and neck. When at sea we are all stuck in a small living courters that is often times smelly and full of waste. Now I am on the Gold Coast, a major spot for slave trade. I have lost many friends to decease and slave purchases. This is everyones last stop in our homeland before we are taken to the new world to work. I know when I am bought and taken away from here I will never see Africa again.

This in the Cape Coast Castle or simply Cape Castle. It was originally a wooden structure but was rebuilt in stone.

The Cape Coast, also know as the Gold Coast, named for its bountiful amounts of gold, started of as a wooden castle in the year 1653 right on the coast of Ghana. Its original purpose was a trading post for timber and gold, but when slave trade started becoming large in demand it quickly switched to one of the largest slave trade hubs in history. The Gold Coast was a key stop for slaves during the slave trade because it was the last time slaves would be in their homeland before going the new world. Slaves arrived at the Cape Coast not knowing how long they were going to be living in the dungeons until they were purchased. The only thing they knew was that they weren't coming back and they would never see their families again.

This is a slave holding cell. Slaves would spend there nights here, crowded, sitting in each others waste until they were bought.
This is the Cape Coast Castle.