The Creek Indians

By Jackson, Quin and Morgan M


Location- Georgia, Florida, and Alabama

Climate- Very hot and humid in summer time.

Major Physical Features- The Alabama Rivers like the Tallapoosa River and Coosa River and the Ocmulgee River west to the two rivers


William  McIntosh


These were two of the main leaders in the Creek Society that did a lot for there government.

Head Chief- No praticular position of command.

Second Chief- was like a vice president.

War and conflict

Major Battles- The Battle of Horse Shoes, Creek War/ Red Stick War

Enemies- Choctaw and the Cherokee

Outcome of battles- Gained treaties


Major Natural Resources- Wood, Rivers and Creeks

Trading Partners- White settlers and tribes in south east

Trade items- deer skin, fur, guns, and kettle


Roles of Men- Hunters and sometimes went to war

Roles of Women- Farmers, they cooked for the men and children

Education- Children were taught about duties that they would have to do as an adult

Architecture- Round buildings which would hold the people in the towns made of rivercane.

Clothing- Wore highly decorated clothes. They relied on hunting for cloths. They also wore jewelry from tusk and antlers.

Cuisine- Corn was the Creek Indians main diet. They also had a variety of meats including bear, deer,bison, turkey and fish.

Religion- The Creeks were Protagonnist, which is used as a general term merely to signify that they weren't roman catholic. There where monothiestic tribes who believed in the "One" god.

Impact     on    Modern      World

The US government gave them reserves while also they were given rights and responsibilities.



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