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Clinton Shifts to Domestic Issues, With a Focus on Woman

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Hilary Clinton battles to give woman equal pay, affordable child care and paid sick leave. This debate has just recently came up because Hilary Clinton is running for president, and woman rights have become one of the main focuses. Democrats have said woman who are single moms , and stuggling with minimum wage jobs could decide if the democratic party wins governor races in states like Pennsylvania and florida. However, republicans believe democrats are trying to get "anti woman" canidates.

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For a very long time woman have not had the same rights as men. Therefore woman are not viewed the same as men, and do not have equality. Research shows that men get paid more money than woman, even if they have the same job. Although the United States have come a long way from the 19th amendment, we are still not fully equal. Hilary Clinton explains, "Where woman are not given the opportunity to pursue their economic well being, their children suffer, their community suffers, indeed," she said, and "their countries suffer."

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