Cats (Siberian)

By:Kaylyn Farage

Meow! Siberians are lovable,cuddley,and nice.  To find out more or about Siberians  I suggjest you  continue to read this tackk.  This tackk  will talk about there food,about the breed,and some amazing facts.  I hope you enjoy!


Hello I'm guessing you want to know about Siberians.  This tackk  is going to tell you almost every thing about Siberians.The picture at the top is a picture of a  Siberian.  This tackk will also tell you about there care which tells you about there furr.

About the breed:

Siberians are a breed of cats.Siberians also have a ton of fur,they have 5 coats of furr.Siberians are one of the nicest breeds of cats.The facts cat-agory will tell you tons of more about siberians.                                                                                                                 


Now for the care for Siberians.They hate being botherd when eating and taking a nap,they will bite you but it dosent mean they hate you it just means to stop.So know that you know this don't judge them on what they do.   


Siberians will eat a just like other cats.But they do tend to love cheese a little more than other cats.They love eating turkey,fancy feast,cheese,and they love meats.Fancy feast is a type of canned turkey mixed with a engredient like tuna.


Let me tell you some facts about siberians.  1.They love playing hide and go seek and tag.  2.They are normaly house cats.  3.They have a special type of furr so you can have a cat even when you are allergic.  4.They have a lot of furr.


Thank you so much for reading my tackk!I hope you laerned something and I hope this helped you understand a little more about Siberians.And again thankyou!


Breed:A breed is a type of cat there are tons of breeds of cats.

Siberian:A siberian is one of the breeds of cats                   






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