Ancient Mesopotamia

"Land Between two rivers"

Ziggurat is where they worshiped gods and people might have worked.

This is the Ziggurat its where they worshiped their gods.

The Fertile crescent is the yellow-green and is where Mesopotamia is. The soil is rich and fertile that's why they lived there. Also its surrounded by rivers which gave them water.   

This is a website about Mesopotamia which will have facts and a quick read of information on it.

Video and song about Mesopotamia.

Irrigation is being able to give water to a bed of land anytime. It was a very important invention to the Mesopotamian.Irrigation allowed Mesopotamian's to allow water to flow to an area of land anytime. This made it so they wouldn't have to wait for floods or have them come and ruin land.   

This is Cuneiform, its what they used for communicating with others. Also they first writing system. Summerians were the first people to use use this form of writing.

These are mud bricks they were made out of straw and mud. They would harden in the sun and then they would build their buildings out of them. In rain storms they could melt down but they would harden again.

The code of Hammurabi is the first form of laws. I don't really think they were fair all the time but it made life more ruled.

The Chariot allowed the Mesopotamia's to be mobile without having to walk everywhere. This was huge in making a step forward in progressing as a civilization. It was a two wheeled cart. A wheel was also one of their inventions.

This is a wheel which has helped the Mesopotamian in farming and moving. It makes transportation on crops to other people ALOT easier.

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