Modern Warfare

Many types of warfare were introduced during World War I. These weapons changed the whole idea and aspect of war as they made advances in both technology and intelligence.

Poison Gas

Poison gas was a form of warfare that dragged on a person's death for days or sometimes even weeks. The only way to avoid this terrible gas was to wear gas masks, but even these were not always 100% successful. This form of warfare was used in trenches and on the battle field. It changed the warefare in World War I because it was a type of attck that did not immediately kill someone. It allowed troops to "gas out " the enemy and force the, to immerge from their trenches.


A tank is an armored vehicle that was also introduced during World War I by the British. It is a vehicle that runs on two chained wheels that allows it to cross almost any surface. It is a heavy duty vehicle that can take out almost anything in its path. With guns on top and people inside, it changed how warfare was carried out because now there was a moving monster that could kill the enemy.


Submarines were first brought to the battlefield by Germany. Almost everyone was familiar with boats and other vehicles that could sail the seas but the Germans had another idea. With a ship that could go underwater and sneak up on the enemy, it became a very useful and dangerous form of warfare. it changed the playing field because submarines were able to fire missiles and torpedoes that could do extreme damage to boats and other floating vesicles.

Machine Guns

The machine gun was a gun that was introduced in World War I as well. This gun became a huge advantage as it could fire multiple shots in a very short time. This took away the need for reloading and could take out the enemy much quicker.


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