Persuasive Essay

What is your definition of good person? What qualities do you require to become a good person? What is it that makes a person bad? Why are good and people necessary in this world?

The main quality to become a good person is to do everything possible to help others. They don't hesitate to give up their own life to help out those who need it. Some of the qualaties to become good people would be when a person is extremely social and tries their best to help those who need it when they're in the abyss of their life.

Being positive, social, helpful,  and most of all respectful are all traits of a good honest person. Being lousy, careless, and negative are characteristics of a bad person. But the thing is that good people keep the world balanced. In other words, they level out the amount of good people in this world with all of the bad people. I believe good people and bad people need each other to each to keep the balance of our world.

Good people makes everyone happy no matter how bad the situation is. In fact, I've seen this work myself. I used to be the type of person that would always be im the dumps. Saf and alwaya negative. But then i met those good people in this world. Ever since they have changed my life forever

In conclusion good people are necessary for the world. They help everyone, whenever and wherever.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

    I would like to recommend Josue Isaac Luna for your industry of Video Game making. He would be the Perfect candidate for your company. Jouse is a very astonishing, with a good vision of ideas that can help you with your company. His ideas will blow your mind, his ideas are unique and outstanding. I met Jouse in middle and ever since he's been insterested in video games and how they are created. He is hard working and dedicated to every job he's had. Jouse a lot of experience with making video games after all he's even workes for testing games, he has worked with the company known as Play Stationa and tested their games. You will not regret giving him a chance in your institution, he will always be dedicated to his work. Josue is good with numbers and ideas when it comes to brain storming games. I hope you consider hiring him.


Jonathan Villegas

Letter of Intent

  Villegas, Jonathan Aaron                                                                                               3690 Tierra Dirt                                                                                                      El Paso , Tx 79085                                                                                                               

May, 25 , 2015

King, Salvador Dwayne                                                                                         Mechanic                                                                                                           3960 Holy Wind                                                                                                              El Paso,TX 45527

Dear King, Salvador Dwayne

Good Evening my name is Jonathan Villegas and your job opening has peaked my interest. I believe I am the perfect Candidate for your compamy because I am a hard, dedicated worker and I am made for this job. My problems that are outside of my workplace will stay out of the workplace. There is no problem with that so I will always be on task.

I am looking forward to working as a mechanic for your compamy, my experiences include summer volunteer work and the highschool elective that I have the 4 years of Highschool I'm currently certified to do everything you can think of to perform on a car.

I hope you consider hiring me I would be a great addition to your team. I hope you get back to me as soon as you can.


Jonathan Villegas


Phone Number: (915)319-4380                                                                                             Address: 3690 Tierra Dirt                                                                                                 E-Mail: jonathanvillegas016@gmail.com                                                                                           


One of my objectives is to become the best car mechanic in the world. I want to be known for my excellent service.


I have graduated from kindergarten and Middle School, in 3 more years I will have a High school diploma. Hopefully about 6 or 7 years from now I will be in college pursuing my career


I don't have much experience since I'm only 14. But that is not gonna hold me back. I will take every oppurtunity life throws at me to pursue my career.


I am determined                      

Hard working                                                         

I am open minded                                



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