From Brazil

Do not go away

Do not leave me here

What will become of me

Without you

I will not stand to see you go away

I swear,

For live I will not know ... (2x)

On my knees to get your feet

But do not go love, I ask you

I beg you

Do not leave me alone

Living in solitude ...


Stay with me

Hear what I say

If I lose you,

I'll die of passion


Hold me tight

And say you will not do that for me, no ... (2x)

That song is sung by Banda Calypso, and it is very special since it shows us what love makes people to do. I always like to listen to it, especially when I want to relax and just stay at home at peace. The original version is in Portuguese, so I translated into English. Enjoy it!


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3 years ago

I read it singing out loud hahaha :) Before becoming christian, I used to love that band, and since I saw your post picture and the very beginning of the lyrics, I knew which song was that haha