Science Labs

What combination of baking soda & vinegar can allow me to hit a target most accurclty?

I learned from the pressure from when you hit the bottle the cap comes off , more baking soda was needed to make the pressure inside for the cap to come off .


What happens when a base acid / base indicator are added together ?

What object has the most Bactria on it?

Everything has bacteria on it - Thigs that people touch have more bactria - Agar made from seaweed can grow bacteria- Bacteria can be different colors- salmonella & Ecoliare dangerous if you ingest them - toilet seats have alot of bacteria

Lab # 4

Which colors do different chlorides and nitrates produce when they are burned?

Magnesium Chloride - Blue & Green

Lead Chloride - Purple , Orange & Green

Calcium Chloride - Bright Orange

Lithium Chloride - Red Orange

Cupric Chloride - Turquise Blue and Green

Barium Chloride - Green Turkquise

That alot of the colors change while adding different chemicals.

Color change indicator smelled didn't change like alcohol, stung Mr. Basush finger .

Ink ( indicator ) & a basic ( Spray )  Tam pink together .

Alcohol Is used because some things only dissolve in alcohol  & hot water .

Can you identify 5 organs in a frog dissections?
Heart , Lungs, Stomach , intestines and liver.

Formalin doesn't smell good. Location of lungs , heart , intestines stomach & the liver in a frog . When things die they get stuff ( riger mortis ) . Dissections are injected with the later to show where the arteries are .
Things I learned
- Frogs have abs too
-A frog eggs start off inside their body
-Frogs eat beetles
-Meat is muscle
-An frog skull is very hard


Can Salt or sugar be used to grow crystals? Which one grows bigger?

- The sugar dissolved quicker then salt
- The sugar didn't grow any crystals
- The salt grew a crystal

Lab # 7
How can you grow the tallest plant In 10 days?
-Soil - Water - Sun  - Pebbles _ Container

Lab # 8
Which common household chamicals are the most harmful
- Esswhite - peroxide it fizzed
- Dish soap  -egg white - made a bubble
-Egg white green works - bubbles
Vinegar - nothing

acidtone- white lines
- Kitchen cleaner - does nothing
-aminia - does nothing ,what bubbles
-Mr. Clean - does line ,looks like the egg white is cooking
-Baking soda - Lumpy , doesn't absorb

Lab# 9
Will vinegar make an egg go soft?

First I put the egg in the beaker with vinegar then i waited a couple days till the egg softened like a bouncy ball .  

What are series & parallel electrical circuits ?

What I did here was i created a parallel circuit to the motor to get light .

Science In the media

This advertistment shows the people talking about how they were big at one time and since they took this product

This ad is about head and shoulders advertising the shampoo and how it works they put a picture video about how it is on the scalp .


Elephant Toothpaste

I used yest peroxide and food coloring for the elephant toothpaste and it turned foamy  

This video is me saying what i used wich was blue  food color peroxide and yest .

Milk Glue

I put vinegar and milk it turned all clumpy.

When you put vinegar in milk it comes all clumpy and then goes foamy when you play with it under the water.  

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3 years ago

Magnesium Chloride - Color Blue & Green

3 years ago

Lead Chloride - Purple orange & green

3 years ago

Calcium Chloride - Bright orange

3 years ago

Lithium Chloride - Red Orange

3 years ago

Cupric Chloride - Turquise Blue and little bit of Green

3 years ago

Barium Chloride - Green and Turquise