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     You should come and visit the Appalachian plateau because there are a lot of waterfalls, the beautiful mountains, small towns , and the great scenic views to see. The waterfalls are great to go and see with the family and camp near because you can hear the rush of the water when you're near the campfire or just relaxing. The mountains are great to hike up and down with your family, see all of the beautiful nature, and see the world below on the cliffs in the mountains. The small towns are great to get souvenirs at, visit all the shops for a day, and  you don't have to drive anywhere, you can walk to all the places. There are so many great views that we can't name all of them but there is a picture above of one of the many, many views.


     You should have your business relocate to the Appalachian plateau because there is a lot of mining, forests, and some farming, plus there is a lot of open space to build the buildings or factories. There is a lot of mining so you could easily make a profit off of the coal and any other rocks or minerals you could find while mining. There are a lot of forests so if you work for caterpillar or any other company that manufactures forestry products then you could start cutting down the trees to make even more money. Even though there's not a lot of farming there is still some so if you were in charge of a grocery store you could grow your own crops so you won't have to pay extra money for fruits and vegetables. That is why your business should relocate to the Appalachian plateau.

One of the many views you could see if you visited the Appalachian plateau

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