Authors Purpose:

The authors purpose of the poem is to entertain you about the statue of liberty. It is like a symbol of hope to help the people who are down and bring them up. Like sort of a representation of america.

Central Idea:

The statue of liberty is the central idea of the poem. It is how the description the meaning and giving hope about the statue of liberty (line #4 and 5 it states a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is imprisoned lightning). And that describing the statue of liberty.


The theme of the poem is to yourself symbolize the meaning of what it means to you like in (line #10-13 it tells as if the statue of liberty was talking and showing how open to others the statue of liberty was and what it's meaning it was to you).


Pomp: stately or brilliant display; splendor

teeming: swarming with people

tempest - toast: having suffered a stormy ocean journey

Figurative Language:

Personification: giving the statue of liberty human like quality's (line #11-13)

Metaphor: When describing the state of liberty (line #4-5)

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