China Goes Green

The Chinese government has been noticing some rising pollution and is not happy. Chinese government officials have promised to lower fuel emissions, and they have already started. China has promised that emissions will peak in the year 2030. To keep this peak low, China has already started many things to stop pollutions. They have shut down many factories and have taken lots of cars off roads. This has helped but one of the leading causes of this pollution is coal power plants, China's main source of energy, making this a hard thing to achieve. There are also other problems. China's econmy relies on things like factories, oil drills, and steel mills, for its economy. Shutting these things down would take quite a toll on this $9 trillion dollar economy China has created. By 2030, China hopes to use a lot of energy sources other than coal a major pollutant. China plans to use Hydraulic, Wind, Nuclear, and Solar power, to help keep pollutants out of the air. China now rewards companies for using less energy by rating them on how well they help the ecological turn that china is making.

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The first couple of minute of this video have some good content, and it is ice to see a reportfrom Chinese news. The video after two minutes or so moves on to other new in China irrelevant to pollution.