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This is a numerical and touch based physics simulator, created by one of the professor in the University of Alberta.

It can be used to help providing visual support for learning physics 20 and 30. Since you do not always see a "cannon shoots out iron ball at the speed of .....", this simulator allows you to see what is happening in the question being asked.  

This is a dictionary application helps to define the user's unfamiliar diction.

It can be used to help students to have more understanding of the literature being read. Some unfamiliar words are used in literature, having such application make

This is a application that summary high school chemistry material, from naming to reactions...

This application can be used in teaching because it summarizes important materials in one, helps to make the points clear and easier to prepare for the provincial diploma exam. It is detailed and well organized, cheaper than buying a reference book.

This is an application that gives you the right answer for your math homework and shows you how to do math in steps.

This application helps students to do their math homework. Some might think this ruins the purpose of having homework, however I believe that this application helps students to understand the concept better because it does not only provide the correct answer, they also provide very detailed steps in order to solve this problem. Once students mastered the steps, they can solve almost any problems.

This is an application that shows you what happened in the history on the same day and same month.

This application helps students to learn more about the world, very good to use it for Social Studies and Western European History in K-12. Students gained more knowledge about the past and be more aware of their society, good step to become a global citizen.

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