The Life of James Henry

As a Union soilder

They took photos of us today. This one is of my son, Daniel. #handsome #prayforus

Dear Liz,

To answer your question on what I do when I'm not fighting, well, I am doing NOTHING! Well, nothing interesting. We spend hours working on drills. It is quite boring. When we finish, I work on helping some of the more theatrical soldiers put on performances. I also enjoy lice races. We also do multiple chores, which, being home alone with the girls, you must know a lot about. Even though I have never gotten punished, I have seen people wear signs and walk around like monkeys. Whoever made up these punishments must have been quite immature.



It s rrather boring doing these mindless tasks over and over again. #soboring

Dear My lovely Elizabeth,

I have been trying to teach Daniel to do everything everyone else does just as good. He preforms his harmonica. They are all quite fond of him. The food is ghastly, but we must eat it. Sometimes, I found 22 worms in my rice cakes. They are still may favorite thing to eat here.

love you lot,


lice races today! Go little Connie! (srry for the bad quality)

I was shot in the leg today, I have to get part of my leg amputated. Wish me luck.

I had come home today, for my missing leg made me incapable to fight. My daughters have changed so. For, after 2 years, my Margret is already 13 years old. A fine young lady she is. And my Jane is 8. Liz hasn't changed that much, but I have. I have become stronger and, quite frankly, dirtier. But alas, Daniel did not come home. He has no injury yet, so he continues to fight. We pray for him every night. Bless his soul.

My Meg.
my gorgeous Jane.
I do not AT ALL miss the day of merciless war.
I am James Henry, A proud veteran.

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