Solar FLares

A solar flare is an occurrence on the surface of the sun where large amounts of heat and radiation energy are released. A solar flare is produced when magnetic energy is built up and released suddenly. During this, the particles such as the electrons and protons in the suns flame are accelerated into the atmosphere. the energy released by a solar flare is ten million times greater the energy of a volcanic eruption here on earth.

Stages of a Solar Flare-

The first is the precursor stage, this is where the magnetic energy is triggered. The second stage is the impulsive stage, this is where the electrons and protons are heated and accelerated. And finally the third stage is the decay stage, in this stage, the decay of the gamma radiation occurs.

The Dangers of Solar Flares-

Solar Flares can be very dangerous to life on earth if one big enough to go through our protective ozone layer should occur. The radiation from the solar flare would be like setting off thousands of atomic bombs off at once. Life as we know it could not exist the hot zones of the earth made from the solar flare.

How to prevent such a disaster-

My ideas floated from counter defense systems here on earth and trying to stop them at the source. But after thinking, I have come up with a series of satellites we could send up into space and those satellites would arrange themselves into a order where they would be assembled with electromagnets and as the flare traveled closer to earth the more it would be redirected.


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