My Amazing 7th Grade year

7th grade has been one of my favorite years. Here's why.....

Top Ten Favorite moments!

The Musical!!!!

#1 The Musical
The musical was a fantastic experience. I developed so many strong bonds and friendships which led to me meeting even more people who became close to me. (You might not have guessed, but I knew next to no one in our honors class before the musical.) It also helped me come out of my shell.
#2 My Honors Reading Class. :)
Oh my gosh, Honors this year was THE BOMB because it was filled with amazing people! It was a competitive environment which pushed me to excel. Also, our teacher rocked.
#3 The Semi Formal
The semi formal was really fun because I got to hang out with friends the whole night! Everyone looked amazing and it was an all around good night.
#4 Camp!
Camp was great because it was the first time I Had been away from home for that long of a time. We did lots of activities, and before that I had never rock climbed before that. We also did a creek study, which I enjoyed.
#5 Cross Country
Cross country was fun because in the beginning I though I'd never be able to run the lengths they were expecting us to.  It turned out that I could!
#6 Making a new group of friends
I made an entirely new group of friends this year. I connected with people I had never known before.
#7 My 13th Birthday
For my 13th birthday we went to Legacy village had dinner and went shopping. It was a great time.
#8 Chorus concerts
The concerts were great because they were a chance to show off all that we had accomplished throughout the year.
#9 Exploring Cleveland with family and friends.
My family friends and I went several times over the course of this year to university circle and went to several of the museums and gardens.
#10 Zip city
Zip city was really fun, the zip lining was my favorite part. It was great to go with friends.

Zip city

Downtown Cleveland

Cross country!


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2 years ago

Keenan, great start! Be sure to put your name on the title slide. Maybe try adding some media to a few of your top ten.