The love story

By:Cass stout

The love story By:cass stout

Once upon a time there was a girl walking down the road and she was listing to music and a truck pulled up to her and asked if she needed a ride but she did not what a ride and then she looked a the guy diving and she thought that he was cute. And then she said yes to him and he asked what is your name and she said I am Elizabeth that's a pretty name he said. Elizabeth asked him what is your name he said Kiel Elizabeth said that's an amazing name he said thank you.

Kiel asked do you want to hang out sometimes Elizabeth said yea that would be nice. Now were do you live right down the road said Elizabeth. Kiel said I live like a mile or two away from you. What are you doing this weekend ask Kiel. I don't thank envy meat me a the john Henry's ok said Elizabeth see you then bye. Elizabeth went home and asked her parents what they were doing this weekend her my said that they were going to go to the baby shower Elizabeth asked if she had to go and her mom said no Elizabeth said thank you mom.

Elizabeth went to get ready to go he come to pick her up and he rang the door bell and she answered the door and his mouth dropped and Elizabeth said what's wrong he said nothing you look beautiful thank you you do to. We got there and then we talk about your family's Elizabeth said I have five brother and zero sisters wow Kiel said that he had one sister and zero brothers. I wish I had a brother said Kiel and Elizabeth wish she had a sister. Wow we both want opiset family member. Kiel asked Elizabeth if she's ever had a boyfriend and she said no why do you want to now cause I was wonder if you wanted to go out with me Elizabeth said no cause they just meet maybe in a flow mouth after we hang out a little bit more Kiel said ok.

Elizabeth had to head home so Kiel took Elizabeth home Elizabeth asked if he wanted to come in he said yes she went to her room and gave him her necklace that she's had for ever and ever. He asked why are you giving his to me she said so you can remember me he's like but all see you a lot she said no you want he said why I said because I'm moving he said is that why you said no I said no cause I'm not ready to date. Kiel got up upset Elizabeth said I am so sorry Kiel I'm just not ready maybe in a week Kiel said ok I'll see you in a week wile Elizabeth was think about it Kiel was ready to ask Elizabeth the week was over and Kiel come over to ask Elizabeth bout Elizabeth wasn't there at her house she was at john Henry's and then Kiel saw Elizabeth and he asked her and she said yes and that's the end

The end

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