Rebecca's Japan scrapbook Entry 4.

What changes occurred from the Edo period to the Meiji period?

there is a lot of changes between the Edo and Meiji period but pretty much everything that happened in Edo was turfed for example the Daimyo were pushed into retirement.

other  examples are the religion: in the religion part of things in the Edo period It was Buddhism, Confucianism, and  Shinto.

In the Meiji period for religion they didn't really use Buddhism there main religion was Shinto.

Politics: in the Edo period the feudal system was administrated by the Shogun. but in the Meiji period they were ruled by the Emperor; they was no feudal system.

Samurai: in the Edo period collected taxes and defended the land. In the Meiji period they were advisor's to the Emperor, they dress code changed.

Education: In the Edo period only boys and Samurai went to school. In the Meiji period all different social classes went 95% enrolment and universities were funded.

Architecture: In the Edo period the temples were made mostly of wood which caused fire problems. But in the Meiji period the architecture went more western style and was made of brick stone.

Transportation: In the Edo period people mainly travelled by foot, boat, palanquin or horse back. But in the Meiji period There were Horse drawn trolleys but they were discontinued in  1904 with the introduction of the electrified street car service

Communication: In the Edo period were postal services and new paper. In the Meiji period it changed to post cards, updated instead of letters and telegraph lines.

Fashion:the people changed four times a year for seasonal events short sleeves  kimonos for the cherry blossom festivals, a cotton kimono for summer and a hooded kimono for winter and a silk one for fall. But in the Meiji period the style changed more western. women wore western clothing in public and more traditional kimonos at home.

Consumer goods: In the Edo period consumer good were privileged to the upper class. In the Meiji period there was a lot more western products, Products available to all classes

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