Gabriel Iglesias

By Judson Frampton

Gabriel Iglesias is a well known comedian. Gabriel also known as fluffy uses his weight as a big part of his act. Along with the many sounds he can make to go with his act

Gabriel's Home town.

Gabriel was born July 15, 1976 in San Diego California.

Before Gabriel was a comedian he choose to work for a cell phone company in Los Angeles. After quitting his job for comedy he was evicted and lost his car. His mother urged him not to go into comedy.

Gabriel's big break came when he made it to the final 8 contestants of last comic standing in 2006 but was disqualified for using a phone which was against the shows rules.

Gabriel was presented with several awards by the city of El Paso, Texas, including the key to the city. Gabriel has been in 9 movies since 2002. Gabriel has been part of 13 shows since 2000 including Family Guy in 2007. In 20009 comedy central released his first movie I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy. Gabriel is the creator of the 5-levels of fat.

Displays a good message while being funny.

Its just hilarious.

Just cant stop laughing.

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