November Technology News

Thankful for a Forward Thinking Staff

Such a great sight to see!

Digital Documenting

We are thankful for... digital opportunities for reflection... sharing... and growing.

With new Chromebooks in our building, the ability to record audio and video now exists whereas it did not before. Using a classroom tool like AudioBoom and creating a channel will let you give your students a speaking and listening experience digitally. Our friends at Spring Hill recorded AudioBoom messages to the troops for Veterans Day. We have a SHMES account, and creating a class account is easy. Check out Audio Boom & let me know if you want ideas on how to use it!

Digital Assessment

I plan to get 3-5 using a tool called Kahoot this month! Digital assessment has never been so easy. Whether individually or collaboratively students can still take some of your traditional quizzes in a very engaging way. It is game based, so team work is probably the way to start. If you want to start, or are already using this really neat tool, let me know! I would love to see it in action in your rooms too!

Props to These Folks..

Melissa Jones is already using Kahoot, along with QR codes, and padlet! Way to go!!

Mary Harris' 1st graders and Nicole Weaver's 4th graders were my top two classes to bring BYOT this month! I had more kids with a device than without! Way to embrace BYOT ladies! It was a great learning experience for them and ME! Teaching students to see their device as a learning tool is a work in progress. We will get there, but know often there is push back when they realize that you expect them to learn with this tool. Active learning is harder than passive learning!

Don't forget to share your digital learning victories with me & Erinn!