Apps for Education

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is an app that gives random ideas for creative writing assignments.

This can be used for English students as it will provide an opportunity to be creative from a spontaneous topic.  Students have their own individual topics and can be free to take  a creative writing assignment in whatever direction they choose.

Voice Thread

Voice Thread is an app that allows students to use audio to narrate their own work and comment on others' work.

This can be used for students who wish to speak their content instead of writing.  A student could replace the write-up portion of a report with a recorded commentary.

Book Creator

Book Creator for iPad allows students to create their own book on their iPad.

A teacher can assign a topic and students can have fun researching the topic for the creation of their own eBook.

Shakespeare Pro

This is an app that has all of Shakespeare's plays and poems in one place on your mobile device.

This can be useful in high school English as it has all of the works as well as a glossary explaining difficult words and terms.  Students just tap the word they wish to define.  It also provides helpful breakdowns of scenes/plays and information about Shakespeare.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a tool that allows students to check their work and receive feedback on it before handing it in.

This tool allows students to check spelling, grammar, word choices, style choices etc. This will allow students to self-evaluate, check their progress, learn to find better vocabulary and learn grammar rules.

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