The Chemistry of Scrambling an Egg

By Quinn Seys

Chemical reactions

Eggs have proteins in them that are all curled up into tight balls. When you add heat to this it agitates the proteins causing them to run into each other and into water molecules breaking them apart into long strands instead of tight balls. These egg protein strands then bond to each other trapping the water and cuasing the egg to coagulate.

The Reactants

Egg Proteins- from inside the egg white and yolk

Water Molecules- in the egg

Heat- from a stove top

What happens to the products

They get consumed by humans and then digested by our digestive system.

Enviromental Effects

There really is no environmental impact when scrambling eggs.

Is It Endothermic or Exothermic

Scrambling an egg is endothermic because the egg is taking in the heat not giving it out.

Who is effected by this reaction

Anyone who likes to eat scrambled eggs or just eats scrambled eggs in general.

Scrambled eggs are Essential

Without scrambled eggs there would be no Mc.Gridles or really anything that Mc.Donalds sells really and then where would we be? ( eating somewhere more healthy)