The products speak for themselves

Companies in manufacturing can have their specialties and the many types of customizations available for their customers. There are many companies that you powder coating and have availability of product line. But none come quite as thorough as Trojan Powder Coating which began powder coating production in the year 1990 the original facility in New York. Since then the company has been able to expand able to offer more variants of their services out of their Sarasota, Florida and Pompano Beach, Florida Facilities. The opportunity to provide more services have been able to create a higher demand making the company one of the largest on the East Coast. The company success is really based around its technologies and facilities be upgraded to one of the most modern in the market.

The company was started by Carl Troiano who is the CEO and owner of Trojan Powder Coating. The idea was started by the graduate of Florida Southern College after making the change from being a regular family owned furniture company New York to powder coating production. It was a major step in a direction that would bring much success. The company offers services in the powder coating process which is more efficient than the regular spray on acrylic that were previously used in many manufactured. Facilities are also capable of providing water-based vinyl coatings which are produced with nonhazardous, organic, water-based paint. Facilities have the capability of producing 50 to 500 per hour for its incredible final department production rate. Production has been incredible over the years and the craftsmanship speaks for itself.