I was a devil for Halloween.I had devil horns on my head but it was a head band with horns on it.I wore a ripped up devil dress that was red .Then my brother Gabriel he is good at art so i asked him if he could do creepy makeup on me and to make me look creepy.I forgot to mention but i also had a choke collar with rime stones except i didn't like the rime stones on it ,i wanted to rip the rime stones so bad but my mom might of got mad so i didn't.

As every one knows it rained on Halloween witch wasn't the best thing in the world but i still got candy.my bigger brother drove us to houses to get candy.My brother is a life saver cause if he wouldn't have been there i would have been not getting candy.We might have not had a lot of candy but at least we got something in our trick or treat bags.We left at around ten ish.

we were about to go to a really scary haunted house with my mom.But my brother was scared and we couldn't go.

my favorite house was that there was music playing and you couldn't get candy unless we danced to the song . it was pretty fun.Then after we were done trick or treating we went to a store and got more candy since the rain was getting worse and worse.

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