Demographic trends in colonies

Madeline Dupre and Kylen Skonning

Three Important Things to Remember

1. The middle colonies had fertile soil, and they were known as the bread colonies because of the grain they produced.

2. The middle colonies were more diverse and religiously tolerant than the other colonies.

3. The south had a huge wealth gap because of the hierarchy system with a small amount of rich people at the top. There wasn't much infrastructure in the south, and there were very few cities.


"In stark contrast to the fate of Chesapeake immigrants, settlers in seventeenth century New England added ten years to their lifespans by migrating from the Old World. One settler claimed that 'a sip of New England's air is better than a whole draft of Old England's ale.'" — The American Pageant

"The sect of the Quakers in their best representatives appear to me to have come nearer to the sublime history and genius of Christ than any other of the sects." — From a Boston lecture by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Quakers were in the New England colonies

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