1984 Reading Log

Part 1 Sections 1&2

In the first chapter, the protagonist, Winston Smith is an employee of the Ministry of Truth in Oceania at Airstrip One. Telescreens watch over everything Winston Smith, but Winston disobeys them by writing in a diary. When Winston goes to work, he has to watch the two minutes of hate which shames the leader of the opposition and briefly connects eyes with O'Brien. Winston comes back home to help a neighbor with some household maintenance and her kids are in love with Big Brother. In the end, Winston is accepting his faith that he will die because of ThoughtCrime.

Quote: The importance of this quote shows how Big Brother has influenced the younger generation already. The children are in love with Big Brother, are excited for executions, and even tell on their own parents. Big Brother can easily take over the younger generation. The older generation needs to teach the kids some things before society goes into a downward spiral.

"...they adored the party and everything connected to it" (Orwell 55).

Discusion Questions: Why don't the people rebel if they do not like their situation? Do they actually like Big Brother?

How has Big Brother able to get this much influence? Is our society heading down this path?

Learning Station #4

1. The chorus signals a beginning of a new beginning for a change from what we once saw.  The songwriter talks  about how it is changing from action to "transaction" amd this is showing the change our society is experiencing because the classic line is changed.

2. The rest of the song signals the beginning of a new beginning. This is first shown with the idea of "card castle" and how unstable card castles can be. The song is showing that the card castle can come down at anytime and can allow the beginning of a new era. Also, the line "fault lines should be worn pride" shows how the author is saying that the current era should be worn proud. The reason why he says fault lines is that fault lines can slip any moment, cause an earthquake, and cause change. The author is saying that a new era can come about any second.

Part 1 Section 3-6

Winston Smith thinks a lot about the past in this section. However, if he wants to make an actual difference in the world he cannot afford to think in clandestine because he will achieve nothing this way. If he wants to change the society, Winston Smith needs to convince the proles (the biggest population of the society) that the party is bad. The party will probably quell the revolution at first, but after several tries the party will be overcome. Right now, the party is making the people think in the way the party wants them to think in. Winston Smith has to band with others (O'Brien, the neighbor, and other) and has to tell others about the real past, and they have to make the past indelible. By telling others about the past, people will realize the party is not perfect at all and is just changing the past. The party is changing the past and that is why people have so much august for the party. By possibly teaming up with Goldenstein and the proles, Winston can make a difference. However, Winston will be irrelevant unless he warns others about the past.

Part 1 Section 7-8

Why is Winston Smith paranoid about the lady following him? Doesn't he realize that the lady could have similar goals to him?

Why are the proles so content with their life if their life is terrible? Are they being brainwashed by the Party?

Why doesn't Winston do something to stop the Party if he knows he will already die?Why is just complaining to himself?

Response to Question Number 2

The proles do not do anything because the Party hand them everything the proles want to have. The Ministry of Truth gives the proles magazines (brainless magazines) that are filled with sports, porn, and entertainment which the proles enjoy. Also, the proles work a lot of hours, but the proles believe this is actually a good amount of hours because they are being brainwashed by the Party. The Party makes the proles brainless and the proles will be unable to rebel.

"Why was it that they could never shout like that when something mattered?" (Orwell 133).

The quote shows that the proles do not care about anything important in life and therefore they have no incentive to rebel.

Part 2 Section 1-3

Winston and Julia's relationship is based on the fact that both of them share one common goal together; they both want to defy the Party. This is the reason why the two of them are drawn to each other because both want to rebel against their party. Their relationship represents a mini rebellion against the Party. In fact Winston claims that the relationship is a "blow struck against the Party" (Orwell 229). The Party is slowly losing control over its citizens and people are starting to rebel. The relationship is basically mocking the Party because Julia and Winston are showing the Party that the Party cannot see everything in the world. Unfortunately, Julia and Winston cannot meet a lot because of time considerations (job, outside work, and other stuff). Even when the two meet, the conversation is often abrupt and not smooth. However, I feel like this type of relationship will benefit their overall relationship in the long run. The reason for this is because Winston and Julia will have a sense of mystery about each other and wil eventually love each other more because of this. Also, I believe their relationship might be disrupted by the Obrien character because he seems shady. Or, the Obrien guy might cause Julia to dump Winston. All in all, Winston and Julia's relationship is a political act against the Party.

Part 2 Section 4-8

Quote from Chapter 4: "It's all Inner Party stuff. There's nothing those swine don't have, nothing" (Orwell 254).

Chapter 5: "It's always one bloody war after another, and one knows the news is all lies anyway" (Orwell 276)

Chapter 6:"He had moved from thoughts to words, and now from words to actions. The last step was something that would happen in the Ministry of Love" (Orwell 286).

Chapter 7: "The proles are human beings" (Orwell 296).

Chapter 8: "Our only true life is in the future" (Orwell 316).

Poster Activity

The peace sign, Statue of Liberty, and the white dove are all signs of freedom. Here, the Party is using the signs to show how peace will always be accompanied with violence and that peace is violence. The reason why the Party has to use the slogan is because the Party needs justification for their useless war with Eastasia. The Party is spreading propaganda like the poster in order to ensure the Party will have support for the war. By spreading propragranda like this, ordinary proles will believe the only way for Oceania to achieve peace is if they have violence. Unfortunately, the Party will continually exploit the proles and will just the continue the perpetual war. All in all, the Party is using peace symbols to convince people that war is justified.

Article Summary

The author first talks about how the USA is always in a state of perpetual war and that the USA is slowly drifting toward a society like the society of 1984. The author says USA, Russia, and China represent the three different countries of 1984. The author argues how President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize while President Obama conducts two separate wars. The author also argues USA uses propaganda against the citizens in order to ensure support for war. For example, Bush and Cheney scared citizens into believing that war is the only way for Americans to defeat the terrorists. The author also claims the FISA act's ramifications and the Patriot Acts are unjustified because the two acts violate human rights. For example, the two acts allow the NSA to violate our privacy. All in all, the aithor claims the USA is turning more into 1984.

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