Your Assignment for Exploring Foods

Creating an Online Poster for Food Safety

Your assignment is to create an online poster using tackk that highlights the four steps to food safety.

  • You must include all four steps: Clean, Separate, Cook & Chill
  • Steps must be in order.
  • Under each step you need to choose 4 pieces of information that you feel are most important and describe them to your audience (you may use more than 4, but not less).
  • You are also required to have graphics and color in your poster - make it creative and fun so it's interesting and attention catching!
  • Feel free to use your notes or the internet (as long as it's a reliable source).
  • Share with me once you're done!

Remember, it's "ok" if you don't know how to use this sight right away - mess around and you'll figure it out!  

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