How To Return Your Order For Free

Are you suffering from buyer’s remorse? Or don’t like the gifts you have purchased online? No worries. Return it without hassles. How? Here are the few tips to help you to do that.

  1. Don’t open it: If you are thinking to return the item, don’t open it and definitely don’t use it. Most of the stores have strict policies about not taking back opened or used products, especially electronics one. Once you use it, even to test it, they won’t be taken back – and you will lose money.
  2. Be quick: The first thing you should do after receiving your order is to check the company’s website to know about their return policy. Most of the companies generally give a month to return an item for its original price, and after that, you may get reimbursed for only a fraction of the original costs. Electronics and big-ticket items usually have 14-day return deadline.
  3. Find the gift source: If you have received a gift and want to turn it, you need to be extra smart. Try to ask subtly the gift giver the origin of the gift. “Where did you find such a pretty thing?” usually does the trick. But do remember not to rely on the boxes because they are often reused. If you don’t find the answer from the giver, do some online research to see which stores carry the particular item you have. Ask them if they will accept a return or offer an exchange.
  4. Always smile: Remember the saying “honey catches more flies than vinegar”? The same goes in real life. Sales people are always busy and hassled. If you return your products with a friendly smile, your process will be done quickly and with the least possible hassles.
  5. Use receipt: Without the receipt, you may not get the full price of the product. Or worse, you may have to settle for a store credit. So better use your purchase receipt while returning the item. If the item in question is a gift and you don’t have a receipt – which you definitely won’t – the store may understand your situation. Especially when the item is still in its packaging. If the sales clerk is not being co-operative, ask for the manager.
  6. Online returns: Many online stores accept returns. You may not be able to go back to their brick-and-mortar store but you can pack and ship the item to the store. Generally, the companies do not refund the postage costs and so do consider the cost of the product against the postage.
  7. Know the return policy: Always know the return policy before you make a purchase. Many sellers don’t take back the merchandise unless it’s defective. Some places refuse to take back the product if it’s opened. And many store charge a restocking fee unless it’s defective. Many times when the item is bought on sale or clearance, you won’t be able to return it.

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