1. Introduction

2. What are lizards

3. Habitat

4. What they eat

5. Closing

6. glossary


If you like lizards this book is going to help you, teach you, and you are going to like it. Here you are going to learn what lizards are, the species, the habitat, what they eat, and more.

  1. You are entering to Lacertilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lizards are reptiles, a reptile is a cold-blooded animal that is covered with scales. Reptiles have lived in the planet for millions and millions of years ago.


Some lizards are meat-eaters, (that means they eat meat) so they have to know how to hunt very well. Lizards are not in the group of the most fearsome creatures.


There are so many lizard species, for example: The komodo dragon, basilisk  lizard, Gila  monster, flying dragon, horned lizard, chameleon, bearded dragon, frilled lizard, blue tongued skink, the iguana etc. The wild life is awesome.



Did you knew lizards habitat?

Lizards can live in so many places of the world. I say so many because they don't live in every part of the world, the only place where they don't live in Antartica. Lizards can live in deserts, rainforests, citys, rivers etc.

Lizards are usualy found in houses, forests and stuff like that.


Lizards can eat so many things, some lizards can even eat an adult human, other lizards can only eat small things.

Lizards are adapted to their habitat and food. Ex: Desert lizards are adapted to eat desert insects.

Little lizards eat small insects, small fruit, and even other lizards. Big lizards eat animals, insects, fruits, and even humans.


Don't forget that lizards have lived in the planet for a long long long time. Also that live in so many places and that they can eat so many things. Keep in mind that the komodo dragon can eat you.

"I think lizards are awesome!"

What have you learned?


Habitat: Where they live

Lizards: A kind of reptile

Species: Types

Antarctica: A continent

Lacertilia: Lizard's family

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