Drug Testing In The Workplace

          Now more then ever are employers are testing their employees for illegal drug use. This has raised many questions like is it morally right for an employer to do this and does it really improve the workplace. I believe that companies and there employers should be able to randomly screen their employees for illegal drugs. By doing this a workplace will benefit extremely from the firing of those who are on illegal drugs. As you see above most people that use illegal drugs are employed wether it be a part time job or a full time career these people still have the ability to bring down the work force. Many test have been done by employers to see how eliminating drug users from their place of business using drug test have seen improved settings. The average cost of a drug test is somewhere between 20-50$ but compared to the amount of money that your employees on drugs would be losing you due to injuries in the work place or not completing task to their best capability and not completing task at all it is well worth it. Drug test are now more important then ever according to a test done in 2012 positivity rates for amphetamines has gone up by 196% in drug testing since 1997. Another emerging drug is marijuana, which is believed to be used by 6.3%, or 7.3 million of full-time workers. The next fact really stuck out to me because we are reading nickel and dimed a novel about making it on minimum wage, it says "An estimated 13.2 percent of workers who reported family income that was less than $20,000 had used illicit drugs during the past month. In contrast, 6.0 percent of workers who reported income in the highest category––$75,000 or more––had used illicit drugs during the past month".

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