Pre-school pattern of development

Created by Jaquelin Rodriguez and Giovany Balbuena

Preschoolers are the ages of 3-5. They are in pre-k to kindergarten

Intellectual Needs

Begin to name colors and begin to understand simple counting.

At age 3, preschoolers know 300 words. That expands to 1,500 words by age 4, and to 2,500 words by age 5.

Stimulate their language development through reading, talking, and asking them questions.

Begin to understand the concept of time.

Understand concepts like grouping and matching

children actively seek information and new experiences from the people in their environment

They observe and mentally "sorting" objects according to their physical properties.

Physical Needs

At the age of 3 to 5 yrs old they start to learn or know how to do Hop, climb, swing

By the age of 5, many kids can stand on one foot for at least 10 seconds.

Children can draw a person with up to four body parts and draw circles by the age of 5.

Begin learn how to copy a square and some capital letters.

They learn how to use scissors.

Kids often become frustrated with wanting to do something physically and not being able to do it yet. Thus, they have lots of falls and mishaps.

Run around obstacles

Walk on a line

Push, pull, and steer toys

Emotional Needs

Kids move easily between fantasy and reality, and can become quite emotional about their imaginary play.

They often do not know the difference between fantasy and reality.

teach them how to deal with her strong emotions.

see a pediatrician if your child is extremely aggressive or fearful at this age because its not normal for a kid at this age to have that kind of attitude

Social Needs

Interaction with other children increases/talk or play/friendships

learn how to deal with conflict and how to solve problems without so much emotion

They start to know how to share with other kids and play with each others

Express more awareness of other people's feelings

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Emili & Alyssa: Learned That They're Creative

2 years ago

Jasmine:I learned they express feeling,check for grammar, nice pictures

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Luis:makes alot of sense it really seems great

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Ariana: Very Coulour

2 years ago

Ariana: *Very Colour Full Presentation

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Damaris: Love the pictures.I learn that these kids will be a handful.

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quandarrias: i like the pictures & i learned to take my time with younger toddlers because they become frustrated faster 🔥 💨

2 years ago

I learned that in this stage they know how to control their emotions and create bonding relationships with others.