want to know how to have continuous payments, PAID TO YOU?

Let me introduce you to a very prosperous business called Feedermatrix.

Our TOP Level 8 leaders know how to create income with this business.

We are so confident that Feedermatrix is the solution to your financial needs,
that we are willing to PAY your first sale into Feedermatrix. We will help
you START YOUR BUSINESS, if you can do the 3 things listed below.

Do these 3 things and we will PAY your entry into Feedermatrix.

Step 1: Create two payment processor accounts, Paypal, Solid Trust Pay, or Ego Pay account. (This insures us, that you will receive payments.)

Step 2: Commit to upgrading after receiving 2 payments on each level. (This insures us that you won't miss any payments due to you.)

Step 3: Work with your Level 8 mentor, to develop a marketing plan to grow your business. (This insures us, you have a blueprint for success.)

...but just what is Feedermatrix?
Feedermatrix is a low cost way to start an online Internet business. For
only a start up cost of $1.75, you can create continuous payments directly
to your Paypal, Solid Trust Pay or Ego Pay account.

...but what does Feedermatrix sell?

Feedermatrix sells marketing education materials. After your first
purchase the company places you in a 4 x 4 matrix that pays 100%
commission, member to member.

...but how do we earn money in Feedermatrix?

Basically Feedermatrix is a self-funding progressive payment program.
You have 8 levels of progression and a new product can be downloaded
on each level. The appeal of the program is the low cost to get started
and the earning potential.

Here is a brief explanation of how it works:

1. You pay $1.75 using your Paypal or Solid Trust Pay account.
(this is also how you receive funds)
2. You are now eligible to receive 4 - $1.75 payments on level 1.
This equals 4 x $1.75 = $7.00
3. Out of your $7 collected, you Upgrade to Level 2 by paying $5.
4. Now you are eligible to receive 16 - $5 payments.
which is 16 x $5 = $80
5. Out of your $80 earned, you Upgrade to Level 3 by paying $10.
6. Now you are eligible to receive 64 - $10 payments,
which is 64 x $10.00 = $640

(refer to the website for the other levels)
This goes on up to 8 levels which totals close to 100K

ALL for $1.75 investment.

Now you see why so many people are excited about Feedermatrix.

After you complete STEP ONE: (Setting up two payment processors)

You can either:

1: Click Here for Feedermatrix and sign up, to start immediately


2. Send an email to and ask to be placed on the PIF (Pay It Forward) list.

We will assign you to a LEVEL 8 leader, who will pay your first sale into Feedermatrix. They will give you step by step, instructions on how to create income with Feedermatrix.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Freedom comes with prosperity,
Twyla Parker-Moore


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