What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?
Show The Art Of Older Films

I've always loved watching films, but as I grew older I was saddened to see the quality of films nowadys. Films nowadays are unoriginal, very cliche, a crappy sequal and the only purpose for thier existence is to generate money, which in my opinion is no good reason for a film to exist, probably shouldn't even call it a film. Films back then always had a message, it may have been a comedy, action, or a drama but it had a message, and even though they were in the same genre thats all they had in common  being in the same drama. Directors during that time period where very creative and thier skills were different from another, and at the very least they had a a good message to tell, about the future, or whats happening now. These films where never meant for just the money, meaning directors, prodecures, and anyone else involved acutally cared about the film. What I aspire to do is bring back the art of older films. I don't expect to have them on the big screen, or recieve an award or whatever. I only wish to have the general public to see quality films, and to bring back the golden age of films back.






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