1st and Goal!


                                                             Where can I sign up?

You can sign up, when you download the app, it will bring you to the sign up screen, where you can create a profile and make a unique username and post photos that relate to football.

                                                            How to post a photo?

You can post a photo by simply clicking on the post button at the top of the screen,

                                       How can I comment and like someone's photo?

The way that you can comment on someone's photo by hitting the button that says comment, which is located to the side of the photo. All the other comments will appear along with yours. The way that you can like and dislike someone's photo is by clicking on the green circle with the line through it, or also by clicking the smile face, located on the side of the photo.

                                                          Who can view my posts?

You can make your profile locked, so that only users that you want to see your posts, can. The way that you turn on the lock setting, is by going into your profile settings and turning on the setting and then you can select the people you want to allow view your posts.

                                 Can I follow other profiles, and obtain other followers?

Yes you can obtain other followers, by following their profile and hopefully getting a follow in return.


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