Where we are in Place and Time
Object: The Elevator
By: Reese Poole

Why do you think it was invented?

So people wouldn't have to walk up the stairs. And they take you to different floors and buildings.

How has this object changed?

It doesn't have bars anymore. The old elevator you could fall out of. The new elevator has doors and you can't fall out. The new one moves fast with buttons and which floor you want to go to.

How does this object affect peoples lives?

So people could get to different floors in buildings. We would have to walk up a million stairs if we didn't have an elevator. It helps old people who can't walk or have broken legs.

How might it change and affect peoples lives in the future?

They might think it is awesome. It has a big window and a pull where you can push the button and go to a floor. The future elevator is a cylinder and it can go from side to side. You can see out of it because its all glass.