Exodus Blog #2

Conflict By Ryan

The main conflict in exodus is the sea levels are rising very fast and soon their small island in be engulfed by the sea. The water gets higher every year but people on the island don’t think the water is rising even as it gets closer to their town. There are only two people who people the water is rising, Mara (the main character) and Tain. Mara has been searching the cyberwizz for answers of these flying cities that could save them all if they find them.

I think the conflict can be resolved if the people on the island would listen to Mara no matter how impossible it seems. They need to take action and sail out to find these flying cities before it becomes too late and the sea levels become too high.

If I was in Mara’s shoes and had to convince people to leave their not so safe island. I would show them the facts like the sea getting higher and closer to the town every year. In a way exodus is showing us how we act towards rising sea levels in this day of age. We do things without thinking about it and we’re going to pay the price for it. When we hear about global warming we think about it but we don’t do anything about it and in exodus it’s the same situation. People are hearing the sea levels are rising but don’t believe it even though it’s right in front of their eyes. It is hard to make someone see the truth that is blind to the facts.

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