Rita Dove

by: tshea johnson

Rita Dove was born on August, 28 1952. she was born in Akron, Ohio. Rita Dove is a person who does poetry. She wrote book like ,On the bus with rosa parks, american smooth, through the ivory gate. Rita Dove had graduated from buchtel high. she graduated as a presidential scholar. Rita had received her MFA in the University of Iowa in 1977 . she got her MFA by Iowa Writer Workshop.

Rita getting a reward from the president of america. (Barack Obama).

Barack Obama rewarded Rita Dove for the 2011 national medal of arts. She was not awarded both nationals humanities medal and the national medal of arts.

the photo below this text is a picture of Rita Dove best selling books called american smooth.

Rita Dove and her husband fred

this picture is a picture with Rita Dove and her husband and her baby in a hospital bed. Rita Dove parents are not what rita. rita had her baby on 1983. Her name is aviva dove-viebahn.

this is rita dove dad ray dove he got married to Elvira Hord. they named rita after there father.

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