Market our County

By: Hope and Baton

-Henrico County

-245 square miles

-314,932 people live here

- Henrico County is mostly suburban, Henrico county also has some of the best schools in the sates. Henrico offers a lot of jobs to its citizens. Some of these include policemen firefighters, teachers, etc.

-The government is set up similarly to the State and the National Government and it is made up of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. The executive branch includes the County manager, the Judicial branch includes the District and circuit courts and and the Legislative branch includes the Board of Supervisors.

-There are many departments that are a big part of this county, The police department, the department of health and the department of school.

- The police department is in charge of keeping our county safe.

-The department of health keeps our county healthy.

-The school board is in charge of making decisions for Henrico's children and their education.

-Henrico was founded in 1634

-The name came from Henry, the prince of wales.

-Henrico is known for its wonderful education for the students.

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