Ireland 2015 🍀

Guess I have to start here... So, I'm going to talk more about our trip in Ireland, in 2015.

So, we left Lille at about 11:30am in bus and we took the boat at 9:30pm. We slept in the boat. I thought it wasn't that long because we were sleeping so it passed quickly, even if I were a little sick. We finally arrived at Portmarnock at about 3:30pm.

On the boat w/ Aglaée, Susan and Jeanne

When we arrived, we first met the mother of our host family, she was really nice and funny and she drove us to her house. Then, we discovered with Ariane, Susan and Aglaée that we were going to sleep in a sort of a little appartment with our own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. We were so happy to have our little house because it looked like we were roomates!

The day after, we took the bus again to go to Dublin. We first stopped at a little port and we saw a sea lion. We took a lot of pictures. Then we visited an archeology museum in Dublin and we saw scary mummies. We ate lunch and had a little bit of time for shopping. After this, we played gaelic football and hurling, which are sports really famous in Ireland. Then we went back to our host family's house to eat dinner and we came back to do Irish dancing. It was sooo funny to do but so exhaustive! I found dancing a lot more exhaustive as gaelic football!

Sunday, we did hiking on the mountains, it was so beautiful, but the weather was a bit cold and it rained, so we didn't stayed a long time.

the hiking

On Monday, we spent the day at the Causey Farm. We made bread and ate it at the end. We did Irish dancing again, and we played Irish drums. We also sang in a tractor we took at the farm. And we painted on the wall.

At the end of the day, Aglaée, Susan, Ariane and I wanted to go to the beach with the others, so we didn't came back to our house because it was too far from the beach, and we built a hut with branches on a tree to be covered from the rain.

Aglaée and Susan under the hut

After, Violette and Jeanne joined us, we went to the beach and we spent the evening at the beach with everyone. We then came back to our house and did our suitcases for the day after.

Tuesday, we first had a little bit of free time to do shopping and eat our lunch, and we then visited quickly a museum. After the museum we had our afternoon free until the evening when we came back to the bus, to then took the boat. We didn't slept on the boat this time but in the bus, and we then took the boat again and the bus after it.

It was a veryyy good trip, I really enjoyed it and if I could do it again I would!

I want to say a massive thank you to all the teachers who organized the trip and  who bore us during all the voyage. They were so nice with us.

I think my favourite moment was when we did Irish dancing because it was so funny to do and we were all dancing together even if we didn't known! But I liked a lot of other moments like singing in the tractor with everybody, spending the day with my friends, and having a little house for us... And it's so cool because we became closer with Ariane, Susan and Aglaée, I love them so much!

And the moment I enjoyed less were probably all the hours of boat and bus, but it was worth it!

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