Wholeness, Not Perfection

We all struggle with the following:

  • Believing we can be loved
  • Balancing all parts of ourselves
  • Freeing ourselves from “hooks” that want to control us
  • Learning self-restraint
Wholeness is balancing all parts of the self to create an order.

Write your responses to the following questions in your notes:

  1. What is your reaction to this commercial?
  2. In what other ways do you see this desire for perfection demonstrated in our society? Here at Mitty?
  3. Reflect on what other short-term pleasures exist in our society (like superficial beauty demonstrated in this video). List some of these short-term pleasures.
  4. How do you think this keeps young people (and adults) from achieving the virtue of wholeness?

What is it to become "hooked?"

Becoming "hooked" means we are compelled with a desire within, a craving, or an urge.

  1. What other "hooks" do we encounter in our lives?
  2. How do we become "un-hooked"?

Short-term vs. Long-term Pleasures

Consider the following question and discuss with your partner:

How do we work to minimize short-term pleasures and build up long-term pleasures? Brainstorm a list of at least four ways we can accomplish this goal.