Mexico my Culture

Adriana Tabardillo

Figure 1: Mexican flag [1]

Mexico's language

Spanish is the official language for this country. The Spanish spoke is somewhat unique in pronunciation and idiom used.  One of the main characterization in this idiom is the abundant of use. like small is chico in spanish but they say chiquito. Or grandfather is abuelo in Spanish and they say abuelito. They also have different languages because of their Indian cultures. [2]


The majority of the people in Mexico (80) percent  are Roman catholic. Although the majority of them don't attend to church services regularly. Mostly the younger Generation. The catholic church has a big influence in the culture, attitude, mostly their culture, and catholic holidays are widely celebrate. The virgin Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico a national symbol.

Figure: 4 Mexican food [4]

Mexican Foods are really colorful. The most traditional foods in Mexico are Tamales, Tacos, Posole, Enchiladas, Chiles Rellenos, Beans, Rices, and different type of salsas.

Figure: 5 Mexican Music [5]

The most traditional music in Mexico is Maricachi. They are different number of people playing instruments. They have colorful  and extravagant uniforms.

My Generations
Figure6: I was born in Obregon Sonora, Mexico [6]
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