Brines Insurance Provides Health Insurance Durham, CA Residents Need

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Brines Insurance Provides Health Insurance Durham, CA Residents Need

DURHAM, Calif. (December 7, 2013) - Brines Insurance specializes in and focuses on helping individuals in California find affordable health insurance plans that fit their medical needs as well as their budget.

Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will shop all of the major health insurance companies for you. Among the companies they will shop for you are: Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser, HealthNet and more. They will help you zero in on the plan that best suits needs and budget for health insurance Durham, CA residents need. Also, Brines Insurance will explain the coverage and benefits in terms you can understand.

Not only does health insurance protect your physical well being, it can help protect your family's financial future. Medical bills are one of the major reasons for bankruptcy, and having a good individual health Insurance plan can protect you from financial trouble while providing you with access to quality doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs coverage when you and your family need it most.

With the progress of health insurance plans over the last several decades, competition in the market place and the arrival of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, current plans are very rich in benefits and cover just about every medical issue except elective procedures.

Health Insurance plans have “cost-sharing” features that help keep the costs of health insurance down and help us be better consumers. Although many individuals in this country get health insurance from their place of employment, which is called Group Health Insurance, many Americans buy Individual Health Insurance Plans on their own, either with the help of a local insurance agent, or by buying directly from an insurance company.

Utilizing Medicare Health Insurance supplement plans through a local insurance agent like Brines Insurance Services can be a great option as most insurance agents represent many insurance companies and can give unbiased suggestions and analysis of the plan options available. An insurance agent is also a resource for information and help when you have to file a claim or have a question about the scope of your medical coverage.

Give Brines Insurance Services friendly and knowledgeable staff a call, and they’ll help you find the right individual and family health insurance in Durham CA that you know you can depend on. Simply point your browser to or call 530-895-0110 to start on the road to protecting your health and your family's future.

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