All about Voltaire

By: Olivia H. & Ashley K.

Volitare- November 21st 1694-May 30th 1778

Hometown Paris France

He was a Philosopher, his religion was catholic

His Contact information: (440) vol-taire

5 things he is famous for:

  • his first play was Oedipe in 1715
  • he then wrote English Letters, in 1733
  • In France Voltaire became the greatest popularizer of Newtonian physics in 1738.
  • in 1759 he purchased the chateau of Ferney, just outside Geneva, which over the years he built into a sprawling estate.
  • 1759 philosophical tale, Candide, which he lambasted the idealist doctrine of pre established harmony and the "best of all possible worlds" promulgated by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and his followers Alexander Pope and Christian Wolff.

His close friends and families include, Guilaume Thomas Francois Raynal, Denis Diderot, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Montesquieu and Locke.

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