Arabian Peninsula

The Deserts are hot, dry, windy and when it does rain (which is very rare) it rains up to 3-4 inches.

the Arab Nomads wore long baggy clothing to keep sand out of their faces. They also traveled through the desert on Camel because they will eat almost anything and they they can go days without water.


Oasis's started to be called “ the mother and aunt of the Arabs” because they were so useful.

     Oasis's in the Arabian Peninsula grew many Date palm trees, witch had very many use's. The Arab Nomads used the leafs as shades, the dates for food, and the wood for many things...


Coastal Plains are suitable for farming, conserved rainwater, and collected fragrant tree sap


mountains rise from 1,000 to 12,000 ft high, moist winds from the Indian ocean bring rain 20 inches per year, and have cool tempitures.

the Arab Nomads houses were made from mud and dirt, and they made step like terraces.

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