The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

By Daniel Sauceda/4th Period/Gagnon

President Kennedy in office

Background Info

  • Born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts
  • At 43, he was the youngest president ever elected into office
  • Was also the first Roman Catholic President                                       (Wilentz)
  • Fought for many things such as equal rights among all races and helping the poor in other countries
  • He was a democrat
  • Was the President as the decision was made to go to the moon and preparation was started for the first moon landing
  • His middle name is Fitzgerald

The Assassin

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22,1963 in Dallas, Texas. Police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald 90 minutes later who was armed with a rifle and had suspiciously left the scene. Oswald was also convicted of killing officer J.D. Tippit just minutes after the President. Oswald denied killing either. Two days later, Oswald was being led into a car to be taken to the county jail when a bar owner by the name of Jack Ruby pushed through the crowd and shot Oswald to death. They unfortunately could not get any information out of him. Afterwards, Chief Justice Earl Warren headed an investigation to find out more information on the shootings. In September 1964, after a period of 10 months, they found Oswald as the murderer. This was the key evidence:

  1. Oswald owned the same gun that killed the president, and they found his hand prints on it
  2. Oswald worked at the same building from which the shots were fired, The Texas School Book Depository
  3. He was seen carrying a long thin package into work that morning      

This was the main theory for the shootings but it is also believed that they were caused by a conspiracy*. (Thompson)

*Conspiracy-certain groups or associations thought to be plotting something to harm or overthrow the government  or cause any other harm.                    

Kennedy's Campaign

Kennedy was in Dallas on the day he died so he could fire up the Texas democrats before the 1964 campaign in a couple of months. He had visited Houston, San Antonio, and Fort worth the day before. That day, he was travelling through Dallas in a motorcade towards the Dallas Trade Mart where he was scheduled to speak at a luncheon. It was this horrible day that he was shot and died.(Wilentz)

Kennedy during his campaign, moments before being shot

Reaction of the Government and Citizens

Although there were many security measures taken, it wasn't enough to save the President. Three shots were fired from the Texas School Book Depository that day. Kennedy was shot in the head and neck, and Texas Governor,J.B. Conally was shot in the back. As the cars raced to nearby Parkland Hospital, Mrs. Kennedy tried to help her husband as best she could and prayed for his life. Multiple doctors worked to save the two dying men. Governor Conally survived, but the President wasn't as lucky and he died at 1:00 PM. Kennedy's body was driven in his Coffin to the Presidential Plane which would then depart with the Kennedy's, VP Lyndon B. Johnson, and his wife to Washington DC. It was was now the time for Johnson to take the oath of office administered by US District Judge, Sarah T. Hughes. He then became the 36th President of the United States at 2:39 PM.(Wilentz)

President Johnson takes his oath


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