Sojourner Truth
By Aidan Orlando

Childhood and Adult Life

Sojourner Truth was born in Rifton, New York, in 1797. She was born into slavery and was sold several times until she ended up with the Dumont family. It was there that she got married to Thomas, another of the Dumont's slaves. She had 5 children with Thomas. In 1827, she had run away with the youngest child and left her husband. She noticed that a member from the Dumont family had sold their son to slavery. Truth then sued in court and won his return.  In 1843, she changed her name to Sojourner Truth and connected with the abolitionist movement in the late 1840's. During the Civil War, she raised food and clothing for the black regiments.

After being sold to four more owners, she finally walked to freedom with her baby daughter, Sofia. She then settled down in New York and announced that her name was going to be changed to Sojourner Truth. By making this choice, she was working against injustice. She then later on became an abolitionist and a women's rights activist. Even one little change could make a big difference.

Sojourner Truth's major accomplishments were that she won a court case against a white person, won 125$ from a law suit, changed the way people thought about blacks and women's rights, changed public transportation policies through court victory and she collected many signatures from important people in her Book of Life. She is an importance in our history because she changed the way others thought about blacks and women. She did many historical things for our history and we should all thank her.

Sojourner Truth's actions make an impact on me by showing me that it only takes one person to make a change. Her choices have shown that she was someone who wasn't afraid to speak up. It shows that she was fearless and saw that there was an opportunity for change in life. This heroic action seemed very risky, but it played off just fine.

Choices are something you can do

to make something the way you want it to

they can lead you to a bright future or a dark path

but a bad choice may lead to feeling someone's wrath

choices may look ugly whether good or bad

the consequences may make you feel happy or sad

you may be victorious and it may taste sweet

but it could be sour and could be defeat

the consequences could look more terrifying than the choice

but it could be a time to rejoice

the choice you make could make you feel sick

but it could still be the time for you to pick

if the predicament looks tough and it sounds like a defeat

don't make messy choices make them neat

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