The 1930s

The Hoover Dam

By: Diego Terrazas 1st Period

In its time, the Hoover Dam was considered “the greatest engineering work of its character ever attempted by the hand of man.” The world marvel reflected engineering genius and American ingenuity.

Arthur Powell Davis, head of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, along with more than 200 engineers, drew up plans for an ambitious dam-building project in 1922 and was prospected to be built on the Black Canyon or the Boulder Canyon.


Once the dam project was approved by Congress, workers who had lost their jobs by the Great Depression, flooded the region. Over the course of construction, approximately 21,000 worked on the dam.

The Hoover Dam project posed dangerous risks during the construction. An estimated 112 people lost their lives in the process. These were caused mainly by the dangerous working conditions, but also because of the scorching summer heat and inadequate housing.

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