Bullets to Ballots

by: Thomas Duong

  • 1- In the game groups that were involved are the poor peasants, the rebelling guerillas, strong country US, the wealthy and armed military and the corrupt government. The armed, wealthy military had power because the military was running the government.
  • 2- Between the different groups everybody talked and were negotiating trying to make treaties and deals with other groups to make themselves stronger. Also the US took over Guatemala with an invasion and corrupted the whole country. They put the guerillas in prison, had the peasants on welfare and made a decision for the military to either join the US or die and the government turned in a democracy and had to vote for a president and vice.
  • 3- Cooperation and conflict were big factors on power shifting because with cooperation the US tried to make treaties with groups to joining them but no one agreed with the US. Conflict was how the US became the most powerful because they invaded the whole country of Guatemala.
  • 4- What role did the US have on the simulation? The US had a role of being a threat to Guatemala and having the most power. The took over Guatemala and had all power. They changed all things to the country and made everything worse and put everybody in a bad spot.
  • 5- When the power shifts in a country it can be both positive and negative because for it being positive you can gain more power and for it to be negative they will loose all power be poor.
  • 6- In my life I have many relationships between people, friends and family and in those groups of people there is cooperation and conflict. In my family my mother is the "power" I go to my father with everything and there is often a lot of conflict because for example I want to go and play basketball unless I finish my homework and I want to go and play so bad that I fight and argue with her. For cooperation I a lot of cooperation with my friends because we communicate with each other we have fun together.

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