Hannah Emily

5 Photo Story

One day I was sitting on the beach watching whales jumping in the distance. What a beautiful scene. So peaceful. I saw many other people enjoying the water by swimming, splashing around, and snorkeling. I decided I would try my luck in the clear, calm water. I grabbed my newly purchased snorkel set and my flippers and walked through the sand to the waters edge. I waded in a few feet and slowly adjusted to the water. It was a little chilly. I put the defogger in the snorkel and swished it around and rinsed it out. I placed the mask on my face and adjusted it to fit just right, then put on my flippers. I dove under the water and began to swim out to deeper water.

It’s actually kind of nice to swim in this area, because there is almost always coral that you can stand on if need be. I was swimming along when my snorkel popped out of place, so I doggy paddled to the nearest place I could stand and stood up. As I was sitting there adjusting the straps again, I saw - only 20 feet from me - a fin.

“Oh my gosh!!” I began to panic. What was I suppose to do? Do I just stay here and not move or do I make a mad dash for the beach. I looked around and realized there were no other swimmers or snorkelers near me. I looked back to where I’d last seen the fin.


“Holy crap!” I shouted. That’s when I felt the bump against my leg.

I instantly froze. I couldn’t tell which way it had swam off, but I knew that if it wanted me it would get me. I decided to swim for it. I kicked off of the coral and made a mad dash for the beach.

“SWIM” I chanted to myself as I swam as quickly as I possibly could to the beach. I began to feel sand underneath my feet and I thought I was finally in the clear.

That’s when I felt the bump against my foot. I turned around and it was right there.

I was terrified. That’s when I saw the person in front of me, they grabbed onto my arm and pulled me onto the shore. I had never been so relieved in my life. I laid on the beach and cried tears of relief. I slowly stood up then and walked back to my chair and just sat down, going over the events of the last ten minutes...

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